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Ben Shenkman Online Community's Journal [entries|friends|calendar]
Ben Shenkman Online Community

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*kisses everyone hello* [Monday,
August 8th, 2005]

.name. Manjika (Jika for short)
.age. 23
.location. North Dakota, USA
.how you first heard of Ben. AIA
.favorite role of Ben's. Luois - mostly because he has a lot of screen time!
.anything else. Um... *freezes*

How nice to see a Ben Shenkman community! I'm not familiar with most of his work, but I certainly want to be:-)

July 11th, 2005]

[ mood | nauseated ]

.name. Laine
.location. Havertown, PA
.how you first heard of Ben. Angels in America
.favorite role of Ben's. Louis in AiA
.anything else. I've seen the movie Bewitched twice, only so I could see the trailers for RENT and Must Love Dogs.


Howdy. [Saturday,
July 9th, 2005]

.name. Maria
.age. ...16
.location. MD
.how you first heard of Ben. My friend invited me over to watch Angels in America.
.favorite role of Ben's. Seeing as I've only seen one thing so far, I would have to say it would be Luis in Angels in America. He's just amazing in it.
.anything else. Um...I call him Shenky, and that's...unique.
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July 9th, 2005]


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